14 Fascinating and Lesser Known Facts About Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are taking the world by storm. More and more car companies are releasing their own electric vehicle (EV) models, and more countries are offering attractive incentives to get more people aboard the EV train.

At some point, the world will no longer rely on oil and gas to power vehicles. As such, here are some facts about EVs.

1. Braking Increases Battery Life

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Electric vehicles come with regenerative braking systems, which convert energy lost during braking into electricity.

This energy is stored in the battery, allowing for more range and battery life, meaning you can drive for longer and further. This is one reason why most consumers agree that EVs are eco-friendly.

 2. Green License Plates

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In some countries, electric cars have green license plates. So far, this has been implemented in the UK and China, but other countries will undoubtedly follow in the near future. The plates may offer future benefits for EV drivers, like free parking in designated space. 

When you see a green license plate on the road, don’t be alarmed; you’ve spotted an EV.

3. EVs Can Power a House

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With the right equipment, you can turn your EV into a giant generator to power your house and all its electric needs. A converter takes the unused electricity stored in your vehicle’s battery to power other appliances.

However, this only applies to specific EV models with the proper equipment; a popular one is the Nissan LEAF. 

4. An EV Can Accelerate Faster Than A Normal Car

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Since EVs have an instant torque feature, they accelerate much faster than your gasoline-powered car. Some EV models can go from 0 to 60 MPH in 3 seconds, which is mindblowing.

That rivals a lot of gas-powered sports cars easily, and that’s just an ordinary EV model.  

5. EVs are More Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

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EVs use 80% of their battery to power the car for maximum efficiency. Regular cars typically only use 14 to 26% of their energy, which makes them less efficient.

At the same time, EVs’ lifecycle carbon emissions are about 89% less than those of gasoline-powered cars. EVs are more efficient than cars with internal combustion engines (ICE) while also being more environmentally friendly. 

6. There are Six Different Types of EVs

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Currently, there are about six different types of EVs. The most common ones are battery EVs, plug-in hybrid EVs, and hybrid EVs. However, there are also fuel cell EVs, partial zero-emission vehicles, and mild hybrid EVs.

Each type has unique features, from power source to range. As more variations of EVs are being designed and tested, there may be more than six types in the near future. 

7. EVs Can Be Charged Via Solar Power

A perovskite solar cell
Image Credit: Dennis Schroeder/National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

EVs can be charged via renewable energy, making them more environmentally friendly. EV car owners could set up a solar charging station for their cars using solar panels, and it would work the same way as a regular charging station. You’ll definitely be doing the environment a favor by setting one up on your own.

Aside from solar power, there are instances where EVs are charged through wind stations, too. 

8. Fewer Parts, Fewer Chances for Mechanical Failure

Tesla Model 3
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EVs generally have fewer moving parts than regular cars, so mechanical failure is less likely. There are no gears, clutches, or transmission fluids to worry about or check up on regularly, as in a gasoline-powered car.

Therefore, if you have an EV, you can worry less about breakdowns. Just be sure to have routine maintenance check-ups as needed. 

9. EVs are Taking Over the Transportation Scene

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Privately owned vehicles aren’t the only popular EVs. Electric buses and transportation trucks are now used for deliveries and shipping as well. EVs are taking over the transportation scene as a whole.

Delivery companies like DHL and UPS are developing electric delivery trucks, and aircraft manufacturers are also working on electric aircraft. 

10. Preheating Your Car While Charging Increases Distance

Tesla Model Y
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If you ever find yourself stuck in super cold weather or freezing conditions, preheat your EV while charging it. This increases your vehicle’s range by 40% in cold weather and warms things up.

Since climate change has been affecting the weather, this is valuable knowledge that could even save your life. 

11. Incentives and Tax Credits 

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One of the better parts of owning an EV is the incentives and tax credits, making it a more affordable option for consumers.

These incentives vary by country, but most have some implementation when it comes to buying EVs as the government tries to encourage people to be more environmentally friendly. Using an EV is one way to do that. 

12. Teslas Have Dog Modes

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Tesla is well known as a trendy EV brand that has pushed the electric vehicle movement to greater heights. As such, they implement some interesting, technologically advanced features in their cars.

One feature is Dog Mode, which allows you to temporarily leave your dog in the car while keeping the interior at the right temperature. This is a useful, convenient feature for pet owners everywhere — and for their dogs. 

13. Gas Stations are Offering EV Charging Stations

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These days, gas stations are also starting to offer EV charging stations on their premises. Companies like Shell and BP, among others, are hopping on the EV train and offering electric charging stations now, too.

This makes it easier for more people to adopt the EV lifestyle. Since gas stations are everywhere, it’s easier for those with EVs to charge up, too. 

14. There Are Four Types of EV Batteries

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Interestingly, there are four types of EV batteries, not just one. These include lithium-ion batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lead-acid batteries, and ultracapacitors.

The most commonly used ones are lithium-ion batteries for battery-powered EVs and nickel-metal hydride batteries for Hybrid EVs. Battery research is ongoing and the goal is to improve their range and lifespan. 

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