Feed Your Dreams Piggy Bank Grows with Every Penny You Save

Now here’s a piggy bank that literally grows as your savings grow.

It’s annoying how you can’t really tell if your piggy bank is still half full or half empty (oh, those two are the same? You don’t say!). An alternative to most rigid-type coin banks are the Feed Your Dreams Piggy Bank.

Feed Your Dreams Piggy Bank

This bank isn’t just for kids who are learning the importance of saving, but it’s also great for adults who want to get back into the habit of saving.

Piggy Bank1

The piggy bank is made from high-quality felt imported from Germany. Unlike traditional breakable ceramic piggy banks, Feed Your Dreams visibly shows how full it is with every coin that’s dropped inside it. When the pig is as full as it can get, the coins can be scooped out by opening the zipper at the bottom of the piggy bank’s belly.


The Feed Your Dreams Piggy Bank was designed and made by Baum-kuchen in Los Angeles in collaboration with Christine Lau. It retails for $58(USD) and is available in five colors.

[via BLTD]