Final Fantasy Xiii Party Bus Hits the Mean Streets of San Francisco

Great, just what I needed – another reason to be jealous of the 1UP crew. It’s bad enough I don’t work for them, and that I don’t live in San Francisco. Now they’re being visited by something better than the tooth fairy, Easter bunny, and Santa Claus combined – the Final Fantasy XIII party bus? Not fair!

final fantasy party bus

According to 1UP, the bus rolled up to their offices early this morning, no doubt to the surprise and delight of their resident RPG guru, Jeremy Parish. Inside of the bus the 1UP editors found four gaming stations – two PS3 and two Xbox 360 – and enough room for up to eight people. Since the English version of Final Fantasy XIII is about to drop in a little over a month (3.09.10) it’s a safe bet that they were treated to the finished product.

final fantasy party bus 2

Insert giant jealous frowny face here.

Sadly, no formal itinerary for the bus has been posted, but you can follow the bus’ whereabouts via its twitter account (@PlayFFXIII).

getting on the final fantasy party bus

[via 1UP]