15 Ways to Find Big Space in Tiny Houses

If you’re hip to the new tiny house movement, you know that space is a vital resource. Packing a household’s worth of items in a small space is an art form that only a few have perfected. If you’re new to the tiny home lifestyle, these hints take advantage of small spaces and make them seem bigger than they appear.

1. Under the Stairs Storage

Storing items under the stairs to save space
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One of the most significant wastes of space in a confined area is under the stairs. It’s a place most people used to forget about before expert tiny home builders introduced the possibility of extra storage space. The space under the stairwell can be turned into a small closet, or the stairs could become drawers for clothes or shoes.

2. Simple Organizers

Spices stored on a small shelf to save space
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Look for spaces between cabinets and appliances to add organizers. A narrow 4-inch rack can go next to the refrigerator to serve as a pull-out spice rack. In a tiny home, counter space is limited, so tucking away items that take up space is a great way to clear up clutter.

3. Hidden Storage

Hidden storage drawers
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Finding room for your belongings in a tiny home is a magic act. Hidden compartments and drawers are your best friends in maximizing space. Raised floors offer the perfect option for adding drawers underneath your flooring. Install some railings and build long drawers to slide out under your floor for additional storage for items that aren’t needed daily.

4. Hang Items From the Ceiling

Clothes hanging from a rod
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Tiny homes have minimal storage and counter space. Adding a rod to the ceiling and hanging kitchen items to that rod frees up vital counter space. Hang your pots, pans, cleaning items, towels, and coffee mugs to help keep that space open. You can also use hooks to store away bikes, surfboards, and skateboards to keep them from cluttering in a small home.

5. Get Creative With Support Beams

Jars on a shelf
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The support beams in your tiny home can be both functional and decorative. Keep them open instead of covering up the internal beams and use them as tiny shelves. These beams can easily hold houseplants, jars, and trinkets to give your home flair and ambiance.

6. Under Seat Storage

Woman storing items in the couch ottoman
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Like adding storage drawers under the flooring, couches are another excellent spot for adding storage underneath. The space under the couch is empty, and empty space is the enemy of a tiny home. Adding drawers and cubbies underneath seating spaces is a great way to stow away belongings.

7. Under the Bed

Hidden storage under bed
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Most tiny homes have a raised bed because it offers a great opportunity to store away items like shoes and clothing. This may be one of the best spaces to pack away your shoes or backup blankets and linen. A full-size bed is about 54 by 75 inches, which is an excellent opportunity to add extra storage to a space that desperately needs it.

8. Fold-Out Furniture

Murphy bed that folds into wall to save space
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The ability to pull out or stow away benches and beds helps optimize a tiny space. Tucking a bed under your living space with a roll-out option is a great way to save critical space. Desk and dining areas can also be attached to a hinge to fold up against a wall to conserve space.

9. Closet Organizers

Closet organizer
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Having a large wardrobe in a tiny home can be a bummer. However, tiered closet hangers optimize that small space. You can also add a small wardrobe to your living room area for clothes that are worn daily. Installing small shelves on the bottom of your closet adds layers to the closet to provide extra storage space.

10. Multi-Functional Furniture

Using space for seating in a tiny home
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Seating spaces are tight in a tiny home. Adding padding to stairs can create seating spaces where you wouldn’t think of sitting. Also, look for chairs that can stack on each other to clear up some space. Modular furniture is your friend in a tiny home. You can easily make space when you need it the most.

11. Cabinet Organizers

Closet organization
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Small shelves or pull-out drawers help optimize a small space. Hooks on a slide-out rail keep your pots and pans handy if you don’t have room on your wall for storage. Even a simple cargo net can add extra storage space to a small cubby in a tiny home.

12. Maximize Bathroom Space

Tiny home bathroom storage
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Add multiple bathroom caddies and extra shelves for storing backup toiletries and towels. Wall hooks help to dry loofas, towels, and other bathroom items with the need for extra hampers. Use as much empty wall space as possible to save precious floor space.

13. Cutting Board Shelf

Cutting board over sink saves space
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Cooking in a tiny home can be a challenge. That’s why you need to be creative. Adding a cutting board over the sink can save counter space and also offers an easy cleanup opportunity when the meal is over.

14. Lazy Susan Kitchen Cabinets

Lazy Susan corner cupboard saves space
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A corner cabinet with a lazy susan can help you quickly rummage through the cabinet. This little kitchen hack makes accessing items in the back of the storage area much easier. This simple hack frees up empty space underneath a kitchen sink where plumbing doesn’t allow multiple shelves or storage.

15. Use Loft Space

Bed in a tiny home loft
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Many tiny homes use the extended roof space to build lofts. This is smart because it adds livable space without adding actual square feet to the home. Building a loft for your bedding is the easiest way to optimize space for your tiny house. It also provides a nice, cozy sanctuary to feel safe and comfortable as you fall asleep.

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