First Person Mario 64 Will Make You Dizzy

Super Mario 64 is a classic game. It was a lot of fun. How can you make it even better? Well, you could play the game in first-person perspective. Nintendo ROM hacker Kaze Emanuar has done just that, giving the N64 game a completely different feel.

First Person Mario 64 uses the camera to follow Mario’s head movement as closely as possible. This makes the game an intense and sometimes dizzying first-person adventure that would be a completely new experience to play.

In the video clip here, Emanuar shows us some of the ways the game plays differently now. Moves like rolls and jumps feel dangerous, even terrifying since your vision is limited to a first-person perspective. This has to be the craziest way to play the game. It would be a nightmare experience in VR for sure, but I would love to try it. It isn’t perfect. At close range, level geometry disappears so that it looks like you’re running on thin air.

If you want to try First Person Mario 64 you can find a download link in the YouTube description. Just be warned, you may never look at the game in the same way again.

[via The Verge]