This Fisher-Price Toy Teaches Preschoolers How to Code

Kids these days seem to be getting smarter earlier. But how soon is too soon to start your child on the path to a career as a developer? The answer, apparently, is preschool age. Fisher-Price thinks preschoolers should be taught to code and they have a toy to help.


Fisher-Price has named their new toy the Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar. Get it? We don’t know much about the toy yet, but more info will be available at New York Toy Fair this February. We know that the segments of the Code-a-Pillar’s body double as action and directional commands. So how a child arranges them in sequence changes how the Code-a-Pillar will roll around a room.

It’s pretty basic stuff, but they think it is the base of learning to code and it will set them up for more complex programming languages later in life. It also connects to a free companion app that has additional programming challenges to solve as they get older. Now developing apps for a smartphone might replace other habits like watching Sesame Street.

In the future, kids will probably own their own tech startups by age five.

[via Gizmodo]