Flat-Packed Papercraft Sculptures: Serious Knife Skills

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Large-scale sculptures are usually made out durable materials, but these are actually intricately cut from single sheets of paper by the artist Nahoko Kojima.

paper cut art nahoko kojima cloud leopard photo

Through her works, Kojima explores the themes of human existence, animals, and the overall forces of nature. Crafting the Cloud Leopard sculpture shown above took her about 5 months. She’s currently working on a life-sized representation of a polar bear, which is definitely going to be awesome.

Kojima’s sculptures use negative space as much as positive, taking full advantage of the empty spaces to help define her forms.

paper cut art nahoko kojima cloud leopard artist photo

I wonder if someone could create some animatronics based upon her designs. That could get scary.

paper cut art nahoko kojima cloud leopard suspending photo

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