Hack a Day’s Drone Delivers a Shocking Surprise

Hey Range, you wished for a weapon-equipped quadrotor drone right? Hack a Day has served as your genie. The folks who run the site managed to modify a Parrot AR.Drone to deliver a shock on contact.

taserdrone by hack a day

Hack a Day ran two strips of aluminum tape along the outline of the indoor variant of the Parrot AR.Drone. The tapes were connected to the capacitor of a disposable camera. When the parallel strips are connected – like when they come into contact with human skin – the circuit completes and electricity flows through the tapes, resulting in this:

taserdrone by hack a day 2

That’s right: the current will turn you into a white dude’s forearm. Seriously though this thing can pack a punch, but fortunately not a Fist of the North Star caliber punch. Watch it chase and tase in the video below:

Head to Shock Hack a Day to find out how to build your own shock-inducing drone.