Flying R/C Quadcopter Ghost Will Scare the Bejeezus out of Trick-or-Treaters

The flying R/C quadcopter ghost made by Alton Porter is so awesome that it’s almost cruel to the people who might come across it this Halloween. It was built with the intention of freaking out trick-or-treaters, which I’m sure it will be able to do.

RC Quadcopter Ghost

Alton’s robotic ghost has glowing eyes embedded into it for that extra creepy factor. Imagine the sheer terror of trick-or-treaters when they notice this thing hovering towards them after pressing Alton’s doorbell.

If you have a quadcopter of your own, then you might want to take a cue from Alton and dress yours up in ghostly garb, too, so you can hand out your own scares when the trick-or-treaters come a-knocking.

[via Motherboard via Geekologie]