Focal Locus Desk & Chair Set Won’t Allow You to Sit or Stand, But I Still Want One

I’ve seen all kinds of office chairs and desks, but I’m pretty sure the Locus series by Focal is the first one that I’ve encountered that encourages people to be in a position halfway between standing up and sitting down. It seems silly at first, but I can actually see myself being comfortable on it. Too bad I can also see myself not being able to afford it.

focal locus desk chair

The Locus desk is made of aluminum, hardwood laminate and polymer. The surface can be inclined up to 18º and the legs can be raised and lowered. But the quirk of the Locus lies in the seat, which as you can see is a bit like a bar stool, except it has a long base that tilts up. The seat itself is not fixed to the base and can be moved up to 10º side to side. The idea is that your butt to be barely on the cushion and your legs stretched out with your feet leaning on the tip of the base.

Aside from the lack of back support, the biggest downside to the Locus line is the price tag. Focal is selling the seat for $500 (USD) and the desk for $950. These are already discounted introductory prices; the regular price will be $650 for the seat and $1150 for the desk. If you’re ready to stand down and sit up, head to Focal’s website to pre-order.

[via Instash]