Four-Letter Word Generator Might Swear at You

This unusual gadget does one thing, and one thing only. It generates random four-letter words.


Peter Hand’s IV-17 Four Letter Word Generator kit comes pre-loaded with a dictionary of 5,400 words (there are some acronyms, and proper nouns in there too). Actually, I lied. It does more than one thing. It can also tell the time – but that’s not nearly as much fun as the seemingly endless list of words like BITS, LOFT, LAVA, and MAPS which rotate on the four Russian IV-17 VFD tubes.

And if you’re wondering if it knows profanities, indeed it does. But there is a setting which lets you disable or enable an NSFW filter (I wonder if “NSFW” is one of the words on the list).

You can get your hands on a pre-assembled version of the kit for $120 (USD), and details on how to order one should be available over at WongAttitude “real soon now.”

[via Tube Clock DB (thanks for the tip, Brian!)]