3D-Printed iPhone Cases Express Your Individuality

Are you still on the search for the perfect iPhone case to match your personality? For some, it’s near impossible, considering how their personalities change on an almost-daily basis (you know what they say about self-discovery being an ongoing process…)

But with the advent of the 3D-printed Fraemes iPhone cases, then that first-world problem might be put to rest.


Fraemes are a welcome change in the current sea of bland phone cases on the market: they’re colorful, customizable, and interchangeable so you can swap the designs out for another, depending on your current mood or what you feel like at any given time.


The Fraemes team has collaborated with designers and will be offering 150 designs to choose from when they officially launch. Aside from the many designs and patterns available, the inserts can be customized further in terms of their color and by adding text and shapes. You can even upload your own designs and have them rendered.


Fraemes are up for funding on Kickstarter through March 27, where a pledge of $25(USD) or more will get you one of your very own. A $50 pledge gets you a custom design, while a $250 pledge will get you a dozen, so you can have a different look for each month of the year.