From a Mousehole Far, Far Away: Star Wars Mice

The creations of Anna aka TheHouseofMouse are like felt minifigs. Except that they’re mice. She currently has 131 micefig designs, from King Tutankhamen Mouse to Hannibal Lecter Mouse. Yes, the one with the mask. She also has sweet Star Wars micefigs too. Let’s start with the heroes of the Light Side. Here’s Yoda Mouse:


I think the lower half of Yoda Mouse could also be the lower half of Kermit Mouse. Next up we have an appropriately micefigged’ Star Wars staple, Ewok Mouse:


Ewok Mouse looks really angry. Probably because the Sith Lord is here, Emperor Palpatine Mouse:


Even as a mouse Palpatine is still creepy. Finally, what would a space opera be without a bounty hunter? Luckily, we have Boba Fett Mouse to complicate the plot:


He’ll join the fray as soon as he finds his boots. And gets rid of his stiff neck.

Each of the 2.5″ micefigs sell for $35 USD. Materials vary depending on the design, but I think the “naked” micefig template is made of felt, glue and polyfil stuffing. Since each unit is handsewn, turnaround time for mouse orders may take up to 4 business days. The good thing about it is that the mouse you get will be unique because of slight variations, but at the same time Anna assures us that the mouse you get will look pretty much like the template you chose, so you shouldn’t be concerned about the quality.

You can also make custom orders, which have a base price of $45 USD. I want a Bret Mouse & Jemaine Mouse. Or a Mugen Mouse and Jin Mouse. Or a Suikoden Set, featuring all 540 characters from all games. I’m sure you can do it Anna.

[via Nerd Approved]