Fugu Luggage Expands to Fit All Your Stuff

Once you start, you can’t stop. Shopping, that is. That was the case when I traveled with my family recently. We ended buying two new suitcases because all of the stuff we bought wouldn’t fit anymore. Given how often this sort of thing happens, it makes sense (and it’s about time!) that something like the Fugu luggage was made.

Fugu Luggage

The concept is clever and the design is well-executed. “Fugu” is actually Japanese for “pufferfish,” which makes sense because the luggage behaves like the pufferfish in terms of how you can adjust and expand it when you need the extra space.

Fugu Luggage1

Fugu is made from durable materials, with its inflatable drop stitch walls making it possible for the bag to go from carry-on size to the maximum regulation-sized baggage for check-in. It also features Omni wheels and comes with built-in shelves, so it doubles as a storage unit, too. The Fugu can also be used as a laptop stand and makeshift make-up dresser.

Fugu is currently up for funding on Kickstarter, where a minimum pledge of $219 will get you one of your very own.

[via Damn Geeky]