Futulele: Not the Cheapest Way to Play Ukulele, But It Is the Geekiest

You can pick up an actual ukulele for under 50 bucks, but if you don’t like the idea of plucking real strings and would rather remain in your virtual world, you might want to check out the Futulele – which lets you play ukulele for the low, low price of both an iPad and an iPhone or iPod Touch, plus the app, plus a Futulele case.


Created by music app makers Amidio, Futulele is an upcoming ukulele simulator for iOS. While you can play it with a single iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, the app really shines in connected mode. This requires the use of an iPad for the string box and strumming, and the iPhone or iPod Touch for the fret board. Here, check it out in action:

Sure, the idea is kind of silly, but it is pretty cool how they network the two devices together using Bluetooth to create one larger instrument. I’d love to see what other sort of instruments could be created this way too.

The app portion of Futulele is headed for the App Store this April, but Amidio is still looking for manufacturers to make the body of the instrument. For now, you’ll just have to improvise with some cardboard and duct tape. Or buy yourself an actual ukulele.

[via Holy Kaw]