G-Form Proves iPad Case Protection Prowess from 1,300 Feet

I go out of my way to avoid dropping my gadgets from any distance. I’ve almost had a heart attack in my sphincter a few times simply dropping my iPad onto the carpet from my chair. I would never in a million years put my iPad into any case and then drop it from 1,300 feet or toss it out of a speeding car.


G-Form wanted to prove just how tough the cases it sells called G-Force Extreme Edge are. To do so, it took the iPad inside one of its cases up to 13,000 feet and then jumped out of the plane. At 1,300 feet, the guy let go of the iPad and let it fall to the ground.

They then took the iPad inside a car going 113 mph and threw it out of the car onto the road. In both cases, the iPad survived and worked. That is some very serious torture testing right there.

If you’re wondering about the impact of other things dropping on top of the G-Form case, you might want to check out the bowling ball drop test they did a little while back. The G-Form Extreme Sleeve for iPad sells for $59.95 (USD). It’s also available for a laptops and the new Kindle Fire.