Game of Thrones Westeros Fleece Blanket: Picnics are Coming

Winter is over and Spring is here with Summer shortly behind. That means that most of us no longer need warm fleece blankets. But even in the 105-degree Texas weather, we still need blankets for one thing – picnics. Without a blanket to sit on the giant ants will carry you off.


This cool map of Westeros fleece blanket is perfect for summer picnics or keeping warm while camping in cooler climates. You can also throw it on the couch so when your wife is shivering while you sit there with sweat on your brow she can cover up and stop asking you to turn down the fan, or at least that’s how it happens in my house.


ThinkGeek will sell you one of these for $24.99(USD). They don’t mention the iron price. The blanket is 48″ x 62″ blanket is printed only on one side and is 100% polyester. Sadly, it’s hand wash only. Hand wash stuff should be illegal if you ask me.