Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Salt and Pepper Shakers: Seasoning is Coming

These Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Salt and Pepper Shakers are perfect for seasoning those giant Westeros meals no matter what house you belong to. I wouldn’t recommend them to season actual dragon meat because that just seems cruel. These are dragon eggs after all.

These are going to look great on your table, especially if your last name is Targaryen. For $24.99(USD), you get a set of three dragon eggs – salt and pepper shakers, and a toothpick holder. Though picking food out of your teeth at the table is gross. Even the Thenns don’t do that.

The set comes with a fancy ceramic tray, and is packed in a decorative gift box, so feel free to give this to any serious Game of Thrones fan. It makes an egg-cellent gift.