The Giant Tortilla Towel Is Perfect for Burrito Beach

If you’ve ever wanted to wrap yourself up in a blanket of flour, this $35 Tortilla Towel is what you’ve been looking for. Each side is printed with a different photo-realistic tortilla. Now you can be a beach burrito and bake in the sun.

Check out the video which shows how you can lay in this thing and turn yourself into all sorts of tortilla related dishes. Some people say this looks like an old ratty towel with a bunch of stains as opposed to a tortilla, but they’re just jealous they can’t fold themselves within it’s awesomeness.

Actually, they may have a point. Unless you know what it is supposed to be, it kind of looks like like a dog peed all over it. Nevermind. Sorry I even brought it up.

[via Geekologie]