Google Launches Voice Enabled 34-Button Scientific Calculator

Google has had a calculator integrated into its search results for a long time. Using the calculator was as easy as typing a math problem such as 2+2 into the search bar and hitting enter. Google has made that calculator much more complex and useful with the addition of a new scientific calculator with 34-buttons.


The calculator promises much of the same functionality of a real calculator. The best news is that the scientific calculator is available not only on your desktop computer, but via your mobile phone and its voice search enabled. When on the smartphone, the scientific functions can be seen when you rotate the phone into landscape mode.

To use the calculator in voice mode just click the mic icon and speak your equation. This might be the perfect thing for the times you need to work out a complex equation and your calculator ran out of batteries. You still have a calculator, right?

[via TechCrunch]