Gps Goes Postal: Could Help Solve Usps Delivery Woes

This new device was commissioned by the United States Postal Service in order to hunt down some of the inefficiencies in their mail delivery process. Developed by California’s TrackingTheWorld, the gadget is slipped inside of a letter, and tracks the precise journey of an individual piece of mail.

GPS Letter Logger for USPS

The LetterLogger is small enough to be concealed inside of a standard #10 business envelope, yet contains sophisticated GPS and motion-sensing technology which can record every movement along the letter’s travels. Not only can it record the precise position and timing of each location, but its motion sensors can detect the amount of time when the letter is sitting still, which could help ferret out wasted time during the delivery process.

They should slap one of these directly on every mail carrier too. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some delays at the neighborhood bar, donut shop and strip club.

[via Engadget via NaviGadget]