Grand Theft Auto V Jacks Global Sales Record from Take-Two Interactive

The numbers are in for the launch of Rockstar North’s and Take-Two Interactive’s video game Grand Theft Auto V. The numbers show that during the first 24 hours of availability GTA V had sales of more than $800 million worldwide. That was enough to make it the best selling game in the first 24 hours in the history of Take-Two Interactive.


The $800 million haul also made GTA V the fastest selling game in franchise history. The game launched on September 17 for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 game console. It’s also worth noting that sales tally doesn’t count Japan and Brazil.

As always, GTA V has polarized critics who blame game for inciting violence among children and ruining morals around the world. It certainly hasn’t stopped gamers from buying the game in droves.

[via MarketWatch]