These Flip Flops Make You Feel Like You’re Walking on Grass All Day Long

So you’re going to be walking around the beach this Summer. While you might like the feeling of sand between your toes, maybe you prefer the sensation of grass instead. Well, the guys over at Generate have got your tootsies covered.


Kusa Grass Flip Flops were designed by Yashin, and look just like you’re walking around on grass. They’re made from synthetic turf and not real grass, but I can’t imagine that the real thing would last long stuffed under your sweaty feet all the time.


Never mind the fact that they’d be a pain to water and mow. And who wants weeds growing between their toes anyhow?


If you want to feel the grass beneath your feet, then stomp on over to Generate, where you can grab a pair of Grass Flip Flops for $49(USD).