Happy People: Meet the World’s 15 Happiest Countries

Is happiness something that can be measured and to what extent does the location we live in affect our mood? Every year, The World Happiness Report tries to determine the world’s happiest countries. It analyzes life expectancy, social support, freedom of choice, population generosity, perceptions of corruption and GDP per capita.

Now, without further ado, here are some of the countries that ranked the highest in happiness according to the report’s most recent findings.

1. Finland

Helsinki, FInland
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This Scandinavian nation has been hailed the happiest country in the world for six years in a row. That’s impressive, so what’s their secret? The Finns believe happiness is a skill that can be mastered. They also have highly positive feelings about community support.

2. Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark
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It isn’t all too surprising that Denmark ranks pretty high and follows Finland closely. Nordic neighbors to the Finnish, the hygge-obsessed Danes feel equally content. Their economy is strong, they trust their government, and feelings of generosity appear to be widespread.

3. Switzerland

Canton of Zurich, Switzerland
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Generally, the Swiss population is content and healthy, with a long life expectancy and one of the lowest obesity rates in the world. Salaries and living standards are also very high, as is the sense of community throughout the country.

4. Iceland

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Iceland ranked highest in the category of social support. Alongside Denmark and Switzerland, it is also one of the safest countries in the world. Hardly surprising – the island is almost too beautiful to want to commit a crime.

5. Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands
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This tulip-loving nation displays “an impressive lack of perceived corruption.” In return, the population has legal access to concoctions that those in other countries do not, proving that mutual trust goes a long way.

6. Norway

Alesund, Norway
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Thanks to initiatives like free college tuition and universal healthcare, Norwegians feel supported by their government. They also boast a low crime rate, a strong sense of community, and a desirable work-life balance, making Norway a great place for many families to live.

7. Sweden

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Similar to its Scandinavian siblings, Sweden ranks highly in all categories and hosts a very content population. Only a 0.5-point difference stands between first and seventh place, showing there’s barely any contrast in the overall score.

8. Luxembourg

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Squished between Belgium, Germany, and France, this tiny nation proves you don’t have to be sizable to be happy. With just over 650,000 permanent residents, the sense of community must be strong. Factor in beautiful towns and sprawling rural areas; many love calling Luxembourg home.

9. New Zealand

Fox Glacier, New Zealand
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This content island nation prioritizes democracy and egalitarianism (the belief that we are all equal). Indeed, ongoing efforts continue to keep the Maori culture alive and thriving; this indigenous heritage remains integral to national identity today.

10. Austria

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Austria is another country that continues to rank well. It has a promising GDP and life expectancy. The people are generous to each other, and there’s a ton of history, art, and culture to rejoice in.

11. Australia

Melbourne, Australia
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The island continent of Australia just misses out on the top 10, but that’s probably not enough to ruin the mood down under. The general vibe there is easygoing. From my experience with Australians, they’re always super friendly and laid back.

12. United States

The United States of America
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The United States tanks pretty highly, and it can thank the population increases for its higher spot on the list. Compared to other countries known for high populations, the United States is expected to continue growing, with many people coming to the country in search of their own American Dream. Many Americans will be kind and offer a helping hand when needed.

13. Germany

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Germany may have a troublesome past, but its current state shows that one can learn from history. Nowadays, the culture is quite liberal. Meanwhile, the youth tend to be confident and passionate and value freedom of choice.

14. Canada

Bonsecours Market, Montreal, Canada
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Canadians are known for their niceness. Any country with a population this pleasant must be doing something right. Overall, the nation displays satisfaction. Perhaps it’s all that pristine nature. It must work wonders for the soul.

15. Ireland

Galway, Ireland
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Whenever I think of Irish people, it conjures a bubbly vibe. Generally, the population seems to live a peaceful existence. The nation values its own autonomy, and overall public health ranks higher than the global average.

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