Streaming is Coming: HBO Go App Gets Chromecast Support

If you are a fan of the Google Chromecast streaming appliance, you will love the news that has turned up this week. The HBO Go app has now been updated to support Chromecast streaming. That means you can watch your favorite HBO programs, like Game of Thrones, on your TV using the Chromecast device.


The app has been updated to support Chromecast on Android and iOS platforms. The HBO Go app now gives users a button at the top that will let you choose Chromecast. Once chosen, any video launched will be played on Chromecast not the smart device.

Chromecast is one of the least expensive streaming devices out there, selling for just $35(USD). When the Chromecast device launched it supported YouTube and Netflix. It has now added support for Pandora and Hulu Plus. The playback quality of the video via Chromecast is said to be as good as other streaming sources like Apple TV and Roku devices.

Of course, you’ll still need to be an HBO cable or satellite subscriber in order to use the service.

[via PCMag]