High Roller, a Big Wheel for Adults

It’s too bad that we all abandoned the simple joys of riding a Big Wheel when we were young. Well, we no longer have to live without the exhilaration of the low-rider trike, no matter what age we are. This is the High Roller. It is a $600(USD) Big Wheel-style trike made for specifically for adults.

Awesome. Take my money and point me toward the tallest hill. It comes with an adjustable seat for riders from 5’2″ to 6’6″ tall and up to 275-lbs. It also has a front brake, a bell, tassels, and plastic rear wheels for drifting. Everything you love about the Big Wheel is here – just now you can fit your big ass on it.


Now maybe we can get some adult Big Wheel racing action going. I wonder how long it takes for the wheels on this one to wear down to nothing.

[via Uncrate via Forcesofgeek via Geekologie]