15 Hobbies That Actually Look Good on a Resume

There’s no denying it: there’s an art to crafting a near-perfect resume. While no resume is flawless, there are definitely tips and tricks every job seeker should use, like including hobbies under their “personal interests” section. However, not all hobbies are created equal in the eyes of a potential employer.

This is a list of curated hobbies that impress even the most discerning boss. Forget about listing “video games” and “having fun with friends. These are the hobbies that level up every resume.

1. Reading

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One of the best hobbies anybody can have is reading books. It’s an impressive habit. It shows a desire to expand one’s knowledge, and it’s infinitely preferable to admit that you’re hopelessly addicted to trendy (and trashy) reality TV shows.

I include reading as one of my favorite hobbies whenever I apply for a new job, and the strategy has yet to let me down.

2. Learning New Languages

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Learning a new language is one of the best uses of anybody’s free time, and it’s a must-add to any resume. Dedicating yourself to learning a foreign language shows your potential employer that you’re determined and can focus on long-term projects.

These traits are what every boss wants to see in their workers. In addition, knowing more than one language is beneficial in international networking environments.

3. Photography

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Photography takes talent. I’ve attempted to get into the hobby many times in my life, even going as far as buying an expensive digital camera. Still, I didn’t have an eye for it and eventually gave up. Fortunately, amateur photographers who include this hobby on their resumes will go over very well with a hiring manager.

Photographers have a keen eye for the little things and a steady hand. Any boss would be happy to have both traits in their employees.

4. Traveling

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My extensive traveling over the past three years has made me a better, more well-rounded, and empathetic person. I’ve grown a lot. Traveling will do that to you. You appreciate different walks of life, see the lighter side of life, and know how to initiate a conversation with anyone.

Unsurprisingly, recruiters love seeing traveling listed as a hobby on a resume because they know the value of seeing the world and believe it translates to a successful work-life balance.

5. Making Music

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I’m envious of anyone who can create music out of thin air. I wish I had that level of talent, but alas, I’m doomed to a fate of listening to music I didn’t create. Making music is one of the best hobbies a boss will see on a resume.

Hiring managers take one look at this particular hobby, and they think about the creative spark you’ll give the company. It’s a great hobby to list.

6. Graphic Design

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I don’t think anyone denies that graphic designers (amateur or otherwise) have phenomenal talent. What these men and women can do with a digital canvas is genuinely next-level. As a result, hiring managers always consider them deserving of joining any workforce.

Graphic designers are creators, and bosses want to fill their teams with people who can create revenue, build culture, and innovate in their respective industries.

7. Writing

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Many employers look for candidates with character, and writers have that quality in spades. Writers have a reputation to uphold. Many men and women consider writers far more intelligent, charming, and upstanding than non-writers (which is why I’m sure my significant other is drawn to me). For these reasons, including writing as a hobby on your resume is a good idea.

Maybe your future boss needs someone to update the employee handbook.

8. Camping

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Loving the great outdoors and being one with nature is a great quality, and hiring managers love seeing “camping” as a hobby on resumes. Campers are great on their feet, problem-solvers, and don’t break under pressure.

If you love to take the occasional camping trip in the woods, don’t forget to mention it on your resume, especially if you’re looking for a job in the sporting goods industry.

9. Volunteering

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Anyone who volunteers in their free time would be welcomed by nearly every company. Think about all the people you know who consistently volunteer; I’m sure they’re all phenomenal human beings who would be an asset to whoever they work for.

Let me put it this way: if you were in charge of hiring, would you toss the perpetual volunteer into the “no” pile? Of course, you wouldn’t.

10. Stand-Up Comedy

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Believe it or not, having experience in the stand-up comedy world draws attention to your resume and signifies to a hiring manager that you’re witty, personable, and can make people laugh.

It takes an exceptional talent to stand on a stage and make people laugh. Only some people have a skillset like that, and many jobs want to diversify their employee pull as much as possible, so it’s a win-win situation.

11. Gardening

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The best gardeners are faithful, have superb attention to detail, and know how to keep their heads down and work. What job wouldn’t want someone like that on staff?

You may not think that the gardening habit you’ve been addicted to since you were young is an impressive part of your resume, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Prospective employers always look for people who can keep their nose to the grindstone.

12. Philanthropy

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The most remarkable people in the world routinely give their money away toward good causes and worthy people to help make the world a better place. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that bosses prefer generous workers to stingy ones; philanthropists foster healthy work environments and are a joy to be around.

If you donate to the less fortunate, don’t hesitate to include this fact on your resume. It could be the difference-maker the hiring manager is looking for.

13. Community Leadership

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Contrary to popular belief, your next boss isn’t looking for the next great little worker bee; they’re looking for someone who can lead the company to the next level. If you’re a leader in your community, you’ll most likely be a leader wherever you work.

Being an active community leader, whether you’re a pastor or head of your school’s parent-teacher association, is one of the most significant resume green flags.

14. Practicing Yoga

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I adore and respect may people who practice yoga, so it shouldn’t be surprising that a boss would feel the same way about yogis when they scan their resumes. Yoga is about balance and centeredness, and these two qualities make for a fantastic employee.

In addition, being a yoga fanatic will come in handy if your company ever goes on a wellness retreat, which I’m sure most bosses keep in mind when scouring through candidate’s files.

15. Archery

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Patience. That’s precisely the trait a potential employer thinks you have if you include archery as a hobby on your resume. That’s an inherently good thing. Although archery may seem like a random hobby, it shows you’re disciplined and will never stop aspiring to hit your targets.

I’ve never used a bow and arrow before, but now that I know what it can do for my resume, I want to get into the hobby as soon as possible.

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