“I Love It!” 15 Fun States in the U.S. To Add To Your Bucket List

We all have a different idea of what fun is, but you can’t help but have a good time in some states, no matter who you are. The states visitors love most have a mixture of outdoor activities, good food, and great people, plus notable venues and local attractions. Take a look at some of the most fun states in the U.S.

1. California

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While many visitors enjoy the tourist spots, California also has much to offer elsewhere. There’s Joshua Tree, the Pacific Coast, wine country, and great cuisine throughout the state.

2. Tennessee

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Some of the friendliest people live in Tennessee. So aside from friendly locals and great food, you’ll also find urban settings, as well as beautiful outdoor activities in the Great Smoky Mountains.

3. Washington

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Washington is located in the uppermost corner of the Pacific Northwest, and it offers a little of everything. It’s a great location for outdoor fun, camping, and hiking. Ocean lovers can also get their water fix, too.

4. Arizona

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Fans of the desert love spending time in Arizona. From The Grand Canyon to picturesque Sedona, there’s no shortage of sweeping landscapes across the Southwest.

5. Colorado

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The Rocky Mountains attract tons of visitors each year, and Colorado is the destination to see them. People love exploring the surrounding lakes and campgrounds, or spending the weekend horseback riding.

6. Hawai`i

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There is something special about Hawaii. The culture, people, history, and food are unique to the islands; you won’t find it anywhere else. Don’t forget the countless outdoor activities, on land or by sea.

7. Texas

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With several major cities, tourists enjoy dining at well-loved restaurants and seeing notable landmarks throughout the state. There are also many historical sites, like The Alamo and Mission Dolores, all of which tell part of Texas’ history.

8. Oregon

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Much like Washington, Oregon has a healthy balance of outdoor activities and local museums, restaurants, and venues. Portland is just a few hours from the mountains and ocean, so you can find many activities for your next visit.

9. Massachusetts

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Home of the Red Sox and New Kids On The Block, Massachusetts is a great place to find entertainment, whether in sports, music, theater, or art. There are also numerous historical landmarks and sites to explore, from Boston Harbor to Plymouth Rock.

10. Alaska

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There may be no better place to experience the wilderness in the U.S. than in Alaska. Visitors also love meeting locals and Indigenous people to learn about their culture and way of life. The wildlife in Alaska is also one-of-a-kind.

11. New York

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You can indeed have a lot of fun in New York City. There’s Broadway, Times Square, and the Statue of Liberty. But dismiss out other destinations like The Adirondacks or Watkins Glen State Park. There are many parks and scenic towns throughout the state.

12. South Carolina

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South Carolina offers visitors a peak into Southern living, complete with Southern hospitality from locals. With more than 1,400 historic homes in Charleston alone, South Carolina is a top pick for history buffs.

13. Illinois

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Chicago is a hub for travelers passing through the Prairie State, with 5-star cuisine, theater, museums, and numerous landmarks. Outside the city, you will find seasonal activities, like pumpkin patches during autumn and ziplining in summer.

14. Florida

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Florida is home to some of the best attractions in the country: Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and Kennedy Space Center. As a coastal state, there are numerous beaches, National Parks, and wildlife areas to explore, as long as you can stand the humidity.

15. Washington, D.C.

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Although technically not a state, we had to include our nation’s capital as this list. The National Mall and parks feature several landmarks, public parks, and memorials that are significant to our history.


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