“If You Give a Mouse an iPhone” Children’s Book: A Cautionary Tail

No matter where you go these days, you will see people sitting together as a family and many of them are messing with phones instead of spending time together. One of those kid’s books that most children are familiar with is the If you Give a Mouse a Cookie book by Laura Numeroff.


It’s sort of a warning to kids about bad things that happen if you don’t do the right thing or go too far with things you like. A new book that is very similar has turned up on ThinkGeek that warns kids of spending too much time on their smartphones. The book is called If you Give a Mouse an iPhone, and encourages kids to lift their heads up from their gadgets and live in the real world.


The book has 40 pages and is a first edition softcover. The author is the same person who wrote Goodnight, iPad. You can get the book right now for $15.99 at ThinkGeek.