IPhone $100 Early Adopter Credit Details Announced

Apple has finally revealed the details of how early iPhone purchasers can claim their $100 Apple Store credit. If you purchased your iPhone from Apple or AT&T prior to August 22nd, you just fill out an online form, go through a couple of simple validation steps, and you’ll have your credit in minutes. The only caveat is that you MUST have activated the phone through iTunes and AT&T.

iPhone Store Credit

iPhone Store Credit

Just head on over to the Apple iPhone Store Credit Form and fill in your serial number and phone number. Then you’ll receive an SMS message with a validation code. Once you have that, you’ll enter that number and you’ll receive a printable certificate immediately for $100 off at the Apple Retail Store or the Apple Online Store. I do find it odd that you can’t use the credit in the iTunes store though. Go figure.

I just did it and it took me less than a minute, start to finish. Now what to buy?

[via iLounge]