Japanese Dancin’ Stormtrooper – the Special Edition With Pointless New Special Effects

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The latest update to the popular Tokyo Dancing Stormtrooper video features a bunch of pointless new special effects! It follows the George Lucas’ tradition of filling classic Star Wars flicks with stupid and unnecessary CGI effects.

dancing video stromtrooper star wars special japan

Personally, I hate the “Special” versions of Episodes 4, 5, and 6. I’ve seen them a few times when they came out, and before you ask, yes, I’ve seen all of the Star Wars movies quite a few times, but like many fans, I find that George Lucas messed up something great when he released these versions.

But I digress – back to Japanese dancing stormtroopers. It’s pretty funny, and worth a gander. I wonder if it’s in THX.

[Danny Choo via Gadgets In]