Jigazo Puzzles: Put Together a Different Picture Every Time

I’m not a very big fan when it comes to putting puzzles together. I find the task extremely time-consuming and pretty hard to figure out, especially those 1000-piece puzzle sets where you have to piece a picture of Mona Lisa or some random view together. Aside from that, it’s not relaxing at all (at least to me) and what fun is it, really, to put together a picture and have to mix everything up again afterwards to put together the same picture all over again?

With the Jigazo, however, that won’t be the case.

Jigazo is a 300-piece interactive puzzle set that makes sure you won’t get bored every time you decide to give puzzling a go. I call it “interactive” because you’re the one who chooses what picture to put together, using the same puzzle pieces each and every time. This is possible because what’s printed on each of the puzzle pieces isn’t an actual part of a specific picture. Instead, the puzzle pieces are printed with a unique hue and tone with an accompanying pattern instead.

This means that you can put together Mona Lisa today, a panda tomorrow, and something else the next.

Jigazo also comes with software that you can use to convert your photos and digital images into puzzles to put together. Cool, right? It definitely puts a whole new twist to puzzles and gives them more of a personality with these new additions. The Jigazo is available from Firebox for ~$35 (USD)