A4 Mousepad: Minimal Yet Useful Even for Optical Mice

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Even though the vast majority of people use optical mice these days, there’s still a need for a nice mousepad. This stylish, silicone-based mousepad was created by the Chinese-Canadian designer Kitmen Keung.


The mousepad is appropriately the size of an A4 piece of paper, or 8.5″×11″. It has a corrugated side with an inward slope, that can act as a resting place for office accessories, like pens, pencils and rulers. The top layer of the mousepad has got an oven-baked polyurethane coating, with a tiny micro-grid. This results in a texture that has a noiseless, low-friction finish.


For those of you who don’t think they need a mousepad since the advent of optical mice, they’re still great for protecting your desks from the usual wear and tear that results in a mouse’s constant movement, as well as to give your mouse a smooth and even gliding surface that you’ll struggle to find unless your desk is made from glass or a smooth laminate.


Perhaps the one thing not to like about the A4 Mousepad is the price. At $50 (USD), it’s quite possibly the most expensive mouse pad I’ve seen. But if you really like its design, you can pick one up over at Kitmen Keung’s website.


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