Koraloc Backpack Will Carry Three Surfboards on Your Aching Back

Somehow, I don’t think it’s a good idea to carry three surfboards on your back, but then again, maybe it will make you stronger. Koraloc’s surf backpacks will let you strap on up to three surfboards. Just call your chiropractor now if you plan to order one. Let him or her know you will be coming to see them soon. Also try not to trip while wearing this. And don’t try to walk through any doorways.


Forget racks on your bike or motorcycle while heading down to the beach. Just carry the surfboards on your back. These packs use a harness system to secure multiple surfboards can handle any board between 5’6’’ and 8’, with the ability to adjust the boards upwards to allow for leg clearance. The slightly tilted design makes it possible to ride bikes while carrying the surfboards behind you.


If you don’t want to hang ten one day, that’s cool. It also functions as a regular backpack, with 29 liters of storage, a laptop pocket, outer side pockets, and adjustable shoulder straps. This backpack does it all. It is only $199.99(USD).


[via CoolThings]