Kratos: Goddess of War

Chicks might dig the rippling muscles and bald head of Kratos from the God of War games, but for those of us who prefer our eye candy to be of the female variety, here’s something you guys will like.


Gamer and cosplayer Lisa-Lou-Who created this most excellent Kratos costume with her own unique style. Sure, you might complain that she doesn’t have the bald head like Kratos, but I’ll take those shocking red locks over the Sinead O’Connor look any day. She looks pretty badass, if you ask me.

Lisa says she made the whole costume herself, except for the foam Blades of Chaos that she picked up at a comic book shop. I suppose it’s better that they’re foam anyhow – I certainly wouldn’t want to go toe-to-toe with her – well, maybe if I were a Titan, I’d try.

[via DeviantArt]