Legend of Zelda Hats, Almost Better Than the Minish Cap

Sometimes you just have to warm your head, so you might as well do it in style… in Legend of Zelda style, at that. Link’s hats are part of the iconic character’s charm, and now you can dress your head just like perennial hero, so long as you’ve got a handful of rupees to spare.

legend of zelda link hat fleece

Of course, if you prefer a different shade of green or perhaps a nice red, no worries–there’s a fleece hat for all tastes, so long as those tastes involve Nintendo characters. If you have to have something more absurdly elaborate, there are even Kingdom Hearts hats available from the same Etsy shop.

You’ll pay through the nose (head?) for one of those fancier numbers, however–that Kingdom Hearts hat is $50, compared to an average of $26 for the other available designs.

Sadly, all pointy ears sold separately.