LEGO Astronauts Travel to Edge of Space Aboard 3D Printed Shuttle

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Lifting off from an airport in Slovakia, 1,000 LEGO minifig astronauts traveled some 21 miles high aboard a 3D-printed shuttle carried by a balloon. Commissioned by LEGO from marketing firm Kreativ Gang, three separate flights carried around 335 astronauts apiece skyward before the balloon popped and the shuttle returned to earth via parachute. Thank goodness those little astronauts were wearing their space helmets!

The shuttle was 3D printed using carbon composite to cut down on weight, and the mini astronauts were affixed to the ship on strips of 2 x 12 baseplates. It’s unclear if they were actually glued down or relied solely on their LEGO connections to stay seated, but I would have glued them. You don’t want any minifigs going on unplanned spacewalks.

That must have been the ride of those minfigs’ lives! I wonder how many of those LEGO minifigs actually thought they’ll ever travel to the edge of space one day. Although now I wonder how many minifigs can actually think at all. Hopefully, none, or I’m going to have to start locking them in my toy chest at night. Seriously though, Toy Story wasn’t real, right?

[via TechEBlog]