LEGO Giving Away Exclusive Limited-Edition Hulk Minifigs

LEGO has announced that it is giving away a free exclusive and limited edition Hulk minifig. The special minifig is available only at LEGO stores and online with purchases of $50 or more. LEGO has been offering a bunch of different play sets to celebrate Marvel superheroes and the release of the Avengers movie.

As a matter of fact, we mentioned back in March that LEGO was giving away a free limited-edition minifig Avengers movie poster to 2 million people. LEGO isn’t clear on how many of the free Hulk minifigs it will be giving away though. It does say “limited-edition,” but that could mean 2000 or 2 million for all we know.

The Hulk minifig is automatically added to your cart if you purchase $50 worth of merchandise from LEGO online or in-store while supplies last.