Loccit Puts All Your Social Networking Activities in Print

I used to keep a diary until I realized that I was just copying down events and things I said about my day from my social media accounts. Not that I share personal details or too much information online. However, I have realized that it’s easier to sum up my day in 140 characters than spend about 30 minutes a day to write it all down.


Compiling everything and printing a modern diary sounds like hard work, though, which is why I find the concept of Loccit so appealing. It’s an online service that lets you print and bind your posts and updates from various social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.


Loccit ships to Europe and the US, although the prices aren’t going to be so friendly to your wallet: a hardback diary costs £14.99 (~$25 USD), and each page after the twentieth will cost 20 pence (about 32 cents.)

What do you think of the concept? Would you want all your online memories printed out, or are they best left “in the cloud?”

[via Red Ferret]