15 Luxury Brands That People Swear By

Luxury is all about showing off how fancy and elegant you are. It’s like saying, “Hey, look at me — I’ve made it!” And when it comes to luxury, some coveted brands stand out. These brands aren’t just popular because they’re expensive; they’re popular because they make people feel like they’re part of an exclusive club.

Even though not everyone can afford to buy from these brands, they still influence what people think is cool or stylish.

We chose 15 luxury brands because, in addition to being highly esteemed, they set themselves apart as leaders in the world of luxury with their enduring legacy and exceptional craftsmanship.

1. Gucci

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Gucci is an Italian fashion house whose origins go back to Florence, Italy. It’s famous for its luxury handbags, menswear, womenswear, footwear, watches, sunglasses and accessories. The brand has been known for its quality, classy designs since 1921, and the company has a value exceeding $15 billion.

Gucci products can range from a few hundred dollars for small leather goods, but secondhand products are in the market for nearly half the price.

2. Chanel

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Coco Chanel is a French luxury brand started by Gabrielle Bonheur, the “Coco” Chanel, in Paris in 1910. In addition to being the innovator behind “the little black dress,” the brand is also famous for its perfumes, accessories, jewelry, handbags, and shoes.

Gerard and Alain Wertheimer own the brand, which is estimated to generate more than $10 billion in annual sales.

3. Yves Saint Laurent

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The first brand to develop women’s tuxedo jackets, Yves Saint Laurent is a French brand founded by Yves Saint Laurent and his partner, Pierre Berge, in 1961.

YSL designs all its outfits with the perfect fittings and is also known for selling handbags, perfumes, footwear, and makeup. With its annual sales being a little over $6 billion, it’s no wonder people revere the brand.

4. Burberry

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Burberry is a British fashion brand founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856. Its trademark was launched in 1901. The brand was the first to introduce trench coats, which became a favorite for men in that era. Burberry also manufactures other products, such as accessories, sunglasses, perfumes, and cosmetics.

Even if the brand only promotes British models during their runway shows, it owns 200 concessions within department stores, 209 owned stores, and 60 outlets. This makes it easy to see why the brand generates $2 billion annually.

5. Louis Vuitton

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This famous brand was started by Louis Vuitton in 1854. Even with over 150 years in the market, the brand is still a classic example of classy designs that offer luxury. The brand is known for its great handbags, luggage bags, sunglasses, shoes, jewelry, and accessories.

Garnering more than $41 billion in annual revenue, Louis Vuitton is one of the luxury brands that loyalists seek.

6. Hugo Boss

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Hugo Boss is a German brand founded by Hugo Boss in 1924 and is known for its sharp tailoring, sleek designs, and commitment to classic elegance. Two core brands under the Hugo Boss umbrella, Hugo and Boss, sell and manufacture products like ready-to-wear clothing, accessories, footwear, and fragrances.

The company manufactures its products globally in countries like Germany, Italy, Turkey, and the United States, which explains its revenue of more than $4 million annually.

7. Bentley

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Bentley has manufactured luxury cars and SUVs since 1919 and stands out as a distinguished British brand in the automotive industry. The brand maintains a prestigious standing in the luxury brand ranking through its handcrafted vehicles, which are more than just a mode of transportation; they are statements of excellence and luxury.

Bentley blends technology, craftsmanship, and sophistication to achieve its $3 billion revenue annually and command attention.

8. Christian Dior

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Christian Dior, commonly known as Dior, is a French company founded in 1946 by Christian Dior. The brand steals the show with its signature embroidery and sensuality. Christian Dior has a line for men, women, and children, with products like leather bags, clothing, fragrances, accessories, makeup, and skincare products.

The Dior brand accounts for over 16% of its parent group LVMH’s total sales, and has an annual revenue of over $87 billion.

9. Ferrari

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Italy is the root of many luxury brands, including Ferrari. Ferrari was founded in 1939 by Enzo Ferrari, and to date, it is an emblem of luxury, speed, and sophistication. Its distinctive feature is the iconic prancing horse logo, making it a dream brand for car enthusiasts.

The iconic sports car brand receives an annual revenue of $6 billion annually.

10. Cartier

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Louis-Francois Cartier, the founder of the French luxury brand Cartier, made the first-ever wristwatch for men. Cartier is one of the world’s most prestigious jewelry brands, known for its elite-class customer service and royalty.

Some of its iconic collections include the Tank watch, Love bracelet, and Panthere pieces.

11. Tiffany & Co.

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Tiffany & Co. is an American jewelry brand founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany in 1837 when he was 25. The brand rises above the rest and is renowned for its signature robin egg blue boxes and exceptional craftsmanship.

The brand commits to high-quality pieces and design excellence. Its range of home accessories, watches, sterling silver, and fine jewelry lives up to that.

12. Rolex

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A name that needs no introduction, Rolex is a luxury timepiece brand founded in 1905 by Hand Wilsdorf. Rolex manufactures, services, and sells the world’s finest Swiss-made watches. Rolex is known for its timeless design and commitment to quality, with models like the Daytona and the Submariner esteemed symbols of craftsmanship and status.

As a global creator of watches that are not merely timekeepers but treasured as heirlooms, Rolex has an annual revenue of $9 billion.

13. Porsche

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Founded in 1931 in Germany, Porsche is a global brand that appeals to car enthusiasts with its commitment to innovation and precision. Porsche is a towering figure in luxury automotive engineering, mainly due to its brand lineup that extends beyond sports cars to sedans and SUVs.

The iconic 911 is one of the brand’s most renowned models, solidifying its position in the luxury brand ranking. With an annual revenue of over $39 billion, the brand is nearly unmatched.

14. Coach

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Coach is a cornerstone in American luxury fashion and has been redefining elegance since 1941. The brand is known for its distinctive designs and versatile leather products, such as wallets, handbags, and accessories, redefining the landscape of high-end leather goods.

Coach’s rich heritage and global presence accrue more than $6 billion in annual revenue.

15. Estée Lauder

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Estée Lauder is a renowned beauty brand with a rich history dating back to 1946. Founded by Estée Lauder herself, the company offers high-quality makeup, skincare, and fragrance products.

Many love their products because they enhance beauty and boost confidence. This, along with the brand’s blend of modernity and tradition, makes it easy for the brand to achieve an annual revenue of over $15 billion.

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