Macintosh Concept Pays Homage to its Ancestor, Needs Food Badly

German gadget blog Curved came up with a concept for a modern Macintosh that combines the Apple of the past with the Apple of the present. Its concept desktop computer mimics the outline of the original Macintosh’s front, but – as is the custom with today’s gadgets – is incredibly thin.


Aside from the general shape, the concept also has a card reader in front, a reference to the Macintosh’s 3.5″ disk slot. Like today’s iPhones and iPads, this miniature desktop computer has a touchscreen and comes in silver, gray and gold.

Let this be a warning to all the little iPods and Watches. This is what happens when all you’ve eaten in 30 years is one bite out of an apple. Head to Curved for more shots of the concept.


[via Airows]