Magic Light Bulb has a Serious Identity Crisis

Is this thing some sort of a light bulb? Not really. A digital alarm clock? Sometimes. How about an LED color-morphing lamp? Sure, when the mood is right.

From the side or back, this battery-powered gadget looks just like a traditional light bulb in a socket. But if you spin it around, it’s got some tricks up its sleeve (does a light bulb wear sleeves?)

LED Magic Bulb Clock

You see, on its front side it’s got an LCD alarm clock with day, date and temperature readouts. But that’s not all. If you call in the next fifteen minutes, they’ll throw in a color-cycling LED light source to fill your room with a rainbow of chroma and luma. However, it will not slice, dice or make julienne fries. Damn.

So how much would you pay for such a marvel of modern technology? $1000? $500, $100? How about just 11,800 Korean Won? That works out to about $12 US, so why not buy two? Available from 10×10.