Make Your Own Fallout 4 Pip-Boy

On the most recent episode of the AWE Me show DIY Prop Shop, they show you how to build your own version of the Pip-Boy from Fallout 4. Vault-Tec or Rob Co could not have done a better job. At least not on this budget.

Usually to get a sweet Pip-Boy like this you have to find it on a corpse in the wasteland, but it turns out, it isn’t that difficult to make your own. You’ll just need some poster tube, some foamcore, a paint stir stick, some miscellaneous hardware, paint, hot glue, and of course the Fallout Pip-Boy app for your smartphone. The total build cost was only $21(USD).

It doesn’t appear to be the most durable Pip-Boy you can make, but it gets the job done and looks awesome. So it is perfect for cosplay and just having fun with. I love all of the weathering and wear details.