Man Builds Functional Plasma Core Knife Inspired By Halo’s Energy Sword

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After becoming obsessed with the Energy Sword featured in the Halo franchise, Youtuber Plasma Channel decided to construct the next best thing: a hunting knife with a 20,000-volt plasma core that can cut, shock, and burn simultaneously. I must have one for my own knife collection. Granted, I don’t have a knife collection, but what better way to start one than with a plasma knife?

Named the FS Blade, the knife has a hilt reminiscent of a lightsaber, weighs 0.75 pounds, and measures 14 inches in total length. It uses 80W of power to generate 20,000-volt plasma in the form of ionized air particles blown between the twin blades via a fan in the hilt. Awesome, now I just need one of those real-life lightsabers to complete my once-thought-fictional laser weaponry arsenal.

Is the knife practical? Probably only at looking cool. Sure, it cuts a green pepper in the video, but it’s not exactly a chef’s knife. It also lights a couple of candles and burns the ends of damaged plant leaves, but that’s about it. Still, to be perfectly clear, that isn’t stopping me from wanting one any less.

[via TheAwesomer]