Mario Block Storage Cubes Hold More Than Gold Coins and 1-up Mushrooms

The Super Mario Bros. games have inspired a wide variety of fun decor over the years, and here’s a new batch of cool Mario items you can put in your office or home.


Each of these hollowed-out bricks and question mark blocks is designed for storing a pair of Wii-motes, but really can be used for just about anything like pens, tools, plants or anything else that’ll fit in a 4″ cube. I suppose you could use them to store your gold coin collection or canned mushrooms too. I’d steer clear of fresh ‘shrooms though, as they might end up leaving a mess.


Here’s another fun idea – paint your wall sky blue to look like a level from Super Mario Bros., then place a bunch of these cubes on shelves at various heights along the wall (or screw them directly into the drywall) so they look like they’re floating.

Both the red bricks and question mark blocks are available over at Strapya World for ¥1,500 (~$18 USD) each.