Marvel Digital Portable 3G Mini Router: Perfect for Hacking on the Go

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Marvel Digital’s 3G/LAN to WiFi Router is a portable device with a rechargeable battery and a 3G network dongle allowing you full mobility while up to 5 users get access to high speed Internet over the 3G mobile network.

marvel digital router lan wifi portable hacking

The charge will last a few hours, but it allows you to bring Internet access where there is none, which happens more often than not. This router uses a single 3G SIM card to provide wired and Wi-Fi access to the Internet. You’ve probably used your smartphone in this capacity, but this does make a lot more sense, especially if you always need to be connected, and don’t want to kill your cellphone battery.

marvel digital router lan wifi portable hacking

The 3G/LAN to WiFi Router will cost you $65 over at Marvel Digital’s store, and no there aren’t any superheroes included.