Matryoshka + Theremin = Matryomin

Ok, I’ve seen some weird musical instruments in my time, but I’m pretty sure this one takes the cake. This think may look like one of those Russian Matryoshka stacking dolls, but under the hood, it conceals a theremin. Yep, I told you it was weird.


Like a regular theremin, the Matryomin creates sounds when you adjust your hand position on the outside of it. When used properly, it can crank out tones that make this rendition of Love Me Tender sound like Elvis’ cat in heat.

According to the guys who make this thing, it can crank out more than 5 octaves of sounds, but they still sound like strangled cats to me. If a single Matryomin wasn’t enough for you, here’s an entire Matryomin orchestra for your listening pleasure:

Frankly, I think they should be playing the Star Trek theme. Apparently, about 3000 of these oddities were made in Japan a few years back, and this one over on eBay can be yours for the low, low price of $499 (USD).