McDonalds China Gets a Green Angry Birds Sandwich

McDonalds in China is getting some themed food to celebrate the launch of The Angry Birds Movie. One of those burgers has a green bun. I’ve had a green burger from McDonalds before, only in my case the green was mold none of the burger makers seemed to notice ALL OVER THE BUN before they put it in the bag. The green-bunned Chinese burger is supposed to look that way, but it doesn’t look very appetizing.


You can also get what appears to be a red bun with double stacked chicken patties inside. The green burger is called the Naughty Green Pork Burger meaning it’s made from pig rather than cow. The sandwich has a pork patty, egg, lettuce, and sauce with jalapenos in it along with the green bun. It sounds weird; I’ve never understood the desire to put an egg on a hamburger, but that’s just me.


The red sandwich is the Angry Red Burger, which is actually a double chicken patty. I wonder why McDonald’s doesn’t ever offer these strangely colored concoctions in the US.


[via Kotaku]