Mega Man + Doom = Adorable Deathmatch

At least, the Mega Man mod for Doom 2–yes, Doom 2–is adorable in theory. The little blue guy himself is pretty adorable, sure, and the color palette we’re treated to here certainly makes this the most cheerful death match. But look deeper. You’re one Mega Man killing other representations of your little blue avatar. Cute? Or really kind of creepy?

mega man doom 2 mod

This cute/creepy mod is still in the early stages, undergoing some of its first tests. Creator Mike Hill warns that the mod is as yet rather unbalanced and that everything is subject to change. Has any of that prevented the masses from throwing down in a Mega Man death match of their own? Of course not–could you resist such a chance?

With copies of Doom 2 available for a pittance, you probably owe it to yourself to give this one a download.

[via Game Daily]