Minecraft Mousepad is Pixelated Perfection

I’ve still not completely figured out why Minecraft has blown up the way it has, but all I can figure is that it’s sort of like having a set of digital LEGO blocks – and we all know how popular LEGOs are. The latest Minecraft-inspired item to hit the streets is this cool mousepad, designed to look like grass from the game.


The Minecraft grass mousepad was made by the guys over at DesignNoym who have printed their pixels on a nice cloth-topped surface with vibrant browns and greens. Sure, it’s not the highest resolution image you’ve ever seen, but if you stand back really, really, really far, it sorta looks like grass. Or not. But it does look like Minecraft grass. And pixels. And that’s a good thing.

You can grab the Minecraft grass mousepad over at DesignNoy’s Etsy shop for $12 (USD).